About Us

                                         Quzhou Zhongxiang Chemical Co., Ltd. was founded on June 30 in 2008, located in Quzhou city, Zhejiang province. We are a manufacturer specialized in researching & developing, manufacturing and exporting wide selection of cosmetic medicine, fine chemicals, pesticides, dyestuff, etc. Besides, our company has a close relationship with the major chemicals, pharmaceutical raw material manufacturers in China and other countries, and maintain a good cooperative relationship with them, and we are ablle to keep a stability in price and quality.
                                        Since its establishment, it has given full play to its advantages, in the spirit of "integrity, pragmatism and innovation", and developed into a diversified industrial and trade enterprise, focusing on "bromine chemical products" and "fluorine chemical products", with excellent product quality, high cost-effective and good service, our products has covered the whole China markets, as well as European and American markets.
                                        We are willing to join hands with friends from all over the world for common development. Enterprise mission: technological innovation, forge ahead. Standardize management and introduce advanced and scientific methods, strengthen our brand, make a contribution to global healthy development and environmental protection work!

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